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Tubeless for More


a modern range of washroom hygiene products designed for everyday use in the away-from-home washroom

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Tubeless products are made using new technolgies to give you

Total Quality

Our Products and washroom solutions satisfy users’ expectations and create the best washroom experience

Universal Improvement through Innovation

Our innovations meet emerging washroom needs and improve on what’s currently available

Best Value

Our washroom solutions give more product benefits without compromising quality and performance

Environmentally Responsible

Tubeless products and systems have a reduced environmental impact

Quick Facts

3 Reasons tubeless makes sense


With Tubeless hand towel and toilet tissue paper products we can transport more paper in the same space, reducing transport costs.


By removing the inner tube we reduce our environmental impact because there is NO waste.


We know that storing paper products takes a great deal of space.
With Tubeless you get more paper and use less space.

Tubeless Hand Towel and Toilet Tissue range comes in a choice of paper qualities

Choose from

TAD (Through Air Dried) technology for maximum absorbency, resistance and wet strength. Eco Label approved

100% Pulp for high quality absorbency, wet strength and value

100% Recycled for best environmental footprint.

Tubeless for more hand towel systems

AutoSensor & Autocut Roll Systems

Touchless for Ultimate Hygiene

Folded System

One-at-a-time dispensing

CentreFeed Roll System

Mini and maxi dispensers to suit room size and usage

Tubeless for more toilet tissue systems

Mini Duo Roll System

Holds 2 Rolls side-by-side for busy washrooms

Jumbo Roll System

Ideal for smaller cubicles with limited space

Folded System

One at a time dispensing to control consumption

Tubeless for more washroom hygiene

Urinal & WC Hygiene

Automatic cleaning, descaling and freshness in toilets & urinals above and below the water line

Air Care

Automatic air freshening and odour control

Skin Care
AutoSensor & Hand Push Systems

Thick foam soap with light fragrance for thorough and pleasant hand wash