AutoFresh Infinity

Air freshening for BIG spaces

Tubeless Autofresh Inifinity

AutoFresh Infinity is the perfect air freshening solution for big space areas such as hotel reception lobbies, spas, gyms, shops, offices, conference centres, stadiums, passenger terminals and showrooms. 

Infinity will do the work of two or three standard air fresheners, covering an area of up to 8000m³.  That’s nearly 3 times the coverage of most standard systems!

The system uses innovative micro-nebulising technology that diffuses high quality natural fragrance oils continuously into the air in the form of a dry mist, which has the added benefit of low VOCs and no CFCs.  

AutoFresh Infinity Dispenser

Fully Programmable

Fully programmable to run at pre-set operating days and times to suit individual areas.

Adjustable Fragrance Intensity

Fragrance intensity can be modified by using a remote controller or adjusting the programme panel on the dispensing unit

Evenly Distributed Fragrance

An in-built fan ensures that fragrance coverage throughout the room is evenly distributed, creating ambient air freshening


Each refill contains concentrated natural fragrance oil that gives long lasting scent that keeps its intensity. 

Low VOCs

Refills last 30-60 days depending on operating programme

Fully recyclable refill bottle

Tubeless AutoFresh Infinity Refills