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AutoClean for Urinals & WCs

Automatic cleaning, descaling and freshness in toilets and urinals above and below the waterline.

Operating programme based on refill life: 30, 45, 60 days, choose hours and days of operation and spray interval times to suit the washroom conditions

autoclean refill orange splash cleaner and deodoriser for toilets and urinals

Our non-toxic biological cleaning formulation is highly effective in preventing bacteria left by uric scale from causing foul-smelling odours. Toilets and urinals are left looking clean and smelling fresh – a great combination.

dispenser information

Height Width Depth Supplied
18.8 cm 13.8 cm 7.3 cm 12

AutoClean Biological Cleaner & Deodouriser

Safe, non-toxic formulation uses safe bacteria to naturally degrade organic waste that may be the source of bad odours while introducing a fresh fragrance to create a pleasant environment.

refills to fit this dispenser

Name Size (ml) Doses Case Quantity
Orange Splash 360ml 3000 Orange Splash Ingredients