Tubeless In The Washroom

Designed to make the washroom experience better for everyone

If you want to demonstrate a culture in your organisation that promotes a sense of care and well-being, your washroom facilities need to be clean, hygienic, well-presented and well supplied at all times.

Visitors and customers who visit well-cared-for washrooms will appreciate the effort that has gone into making a pleasant washroom environment.


The Tubeless range of washroom systems is designed to make the washroom experience better for everyone. 

A range of products that gives more value with less waste AND delivers great performance

Systems that control usage while providing hygiene products for the benefit of washroom users

Attractive dispensers that help to create a great impression

Quality products that improve the washroom experience

A good experience creates satisfaction and will boost your reputation.

Tubeless systems that are simple, flexible and reliable

Ice Blue

Move with the times with our fresh, modern collection of washroom hygiene systems in super cool ice-blue.
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Executive Black

A stunning collection of washroom hygiene dispensers for a touch of luxury. If image and reputation are important to you, the Executive Black washroom hygiene product range will make your restrooms stand out.
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