Urinal & WC Hygiene

Automated Cleaning and Hygiene

Keeping toilets and urinals clean can be a full-time job, particularly in busy washroom with lots of users.

That’s why an automatic cleaning and hygiene system is the perfect solution. It works like a 24/7 janitor, cleaning surfaces, removing stains and keeping traps and pipes clear of scale build-up round the clock. 

cleans surfaces

removes stains

keeps traps and pipes clear of scale build-up

Our non-toxic biological cleaning formulation is highly effective in preventing bacteria left by uric scale from causing foul-smelling odours. Toilets and urinals are left looking clean and smelling fresh – a great combination.

Urinal & WC Hygiene Dispensers

AutoClean for Urinals & WCs
Automatic cleaning, descaling and freshness in toilets and urinals above and below the waterline.

Available in Ice Blue and Executive Black