Hand Towels

Great eco footprint - Tubeless paper hand towels give you more!

Removing the inner tube from all Tubeless paper roll products cuts hundreds of tons of waste during the manufacturing process and means that there is no waste at the end of the roll. Tubeless gives 100% usable paper product and has more paper in each roll.

All our paper towels are produced from pulp or cellulose that comes from a sustainable, recycled or recovered source, achieving the best environmental footprint without compromising quality and performance.

Hand Towels on a Roll

Autocut Hand Towels on a roll – is cut to the required individual towel length by the dispenser 

Tubeless hand towel rolls on average have 9m more paper per case than similar products

Folded Hand Towels

Our range of folded hand towels are dispensed individually for one-at-a-time use

On average 1250 more towels per case than similar products

Centrefeed Hand Towels

Also available CentreFeed Hand Towels