Hygiene Eye

Smart systems for professional washrooms

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Hygiene Eye Introduction

What is Hygiene Eye?

Start working smart

How to keep washrooms clean in a smart way

Some buildings are open 24/7, others may close in a certain period. You wouldn’t want to spare your hygiene consumables when they are necessary or waste them when they are not needed. Most hygiene systems that work continuously are limited in their programming flexibility.

Hygiene Eye is a smart technology that controls, monitors and manages individual hygiene systems in washrooms while cutting waste, cost and inefficiency.


Remotely monitor product usage and get notified when each dispenser is low on refill or power


Real time monitoring of footfall helps ensure clean washrooms and dispensers well stocked and ready to use


Cost efficiency management is the key – reduce waste, improve efficiency and ensure high level of customer satisfaction

Hygiene Eye Advantages

Hygiene Eye allows washroom managers to keep an eye on footfall in washrooms, monitor product usage in real-time and control dispenser operation

Improve efficiency

Deliver consistent service standards

Control consumption and supplies

Optimise staff scheduling

Real-time notifications

Remote smart dispenser set-up

Reduced waste + improved efficiency = money saved + clean washrooms = Customer Satisfaction

Hygiene Eye at Zagreb Airport

Hygiene Eye Benefits

  • Fully working dispensers – with product always available to wash and dry hands, freshen the air and clean toilets and urinals
  • More efficient time management – Hygiene-Eye alerts direct cleaning operatives to dispensers that need attention, so no time is spent checking dispensers that don’t need battery and refill replacements. They know what is needed, where and when
  • Better communication – real-time data is shared through the Hygiene-Eye App and Hub so washroom managers are kept fully informed of activity
  • Makes cleaning targets easier to manage and achieve – better information gives control and reduces stress
  • Reduces waste – better control of dispenser operation and product use means that product need never be wasted. Refills will only be replaced when they are empty, not when it fits in with the cleaning or service cycle
  • Improves efficiency – Insights gained from Hygiene Eye’s remote monitoring provide the opportunity to make efficiencies, such as varying programme settings to optimize each dispenser and refill to create a washroom environment that’s appropriate to how it is used.
  • Customer satisfaction – Tracking and monitoring washroom product use provides key metrics which serve as evidence of service standards with customers
  • Efficient communication – Hygiene Eye dashboard gives an immediate overview of your facility and cleaning needs so you can send messages and requests directly to your cleaning staff through the Hygiene Eye App and review their response
  • Business value – savings made in wasted product, cleaning time on dispenser checks and inaccurate product ordering all add up

Hygiene Eye Dispenser Range

Hygiene Eye gives extra control and optimises the dispensing system to give maximum value