Hand Hygiene

Gives protection against 99.9% of germs

Tubeless Hand Hygiene

An alcohol-based spray formulation that leaves hands hygienically clean without the need for water.

It dries quickly to give almost instant protection from spreadable germs, particularly at entrance and exit points in rooms.

Tubeless Hand Sanitiser

Rinse free cleansing

Effective protection against 99.9% of germs

kind and gentle to hands

Tubeless = More soap per refill

Tubeless Gentle Foam Soap and Spray Soap

A thick, rich and gentle formulation with a light fragrance that is kind to hands.

One dose is sufficient to give a thorough and satisfying hand wash and rinses off quickly.

Hand Push Systems

1100ml Foam Soap Systems for more hand washes

500ml Foam or Spray Systems – more compact for smaller areas

AutoSensor System

For Touches operation 800ml Foam Soap refill gives 2000 doses

Tubeless Gentle Foam Hadn't Wash