Centrefeed Hand Towels

Hand towels for the workplace

Kitchen and work stations often need a generous supply of hand towels to be on hand. The Tubeless Centrefeed Hand Towel system provides just that.

The inner cardboard tube has been removed from all Tubeless paper roll products which means that more paper towel has been added without increasing the size of the roll and cutting out waste when the towels are all used.

Removing the inner tube means more paper per roll

100% usable paper product

More paper towel per roll

Less Storage

Centrefeed Roll System

Mini and maxi dispensers to suit room size and usage.

Centrefeed Roll Maxi Dispenser

Largest size for larger work areas.
Dispenses Tubeless Maxi rolls. Available in Ice BlueTubeless Maxi centre fedd Dispenser

Centrefeed Roll Mini Dispenser

Smaller size for compact work areas.
Dispenses Tubeless Mini rolls. Available in Ice BlueTubeless Mini CentreFeed Dispenser