Executive Black Range


AutoFresh Air Care

For automatic air freshening and odour control

The sense of smell has a powerful effect on our perceptions. Have you walked into a room that smells fresh with a fragrance and gained the impression that it has been well cleaned well and been reassured that it is a safe and pleasant environment to be in?

Air care is not just about introducing a fresh fragrance, but also about controlling unpleasant odours by eliminating them with odour neutralising agents. 

Our AutoFresh Air Care delivers fresh, pleasant scent while neutralising other unpleasant odours, not just masking them.

Tubeless AutoFresh Refills

Tubeless = 3 x more concentrated fragrance oil for lasting intensity compared to standard 195ml aerosols

dispenser information

Height Width Depth Supplied
22.4 cm 8.8 cm 8.8 cm 12

AutoFresh Fragrance Refills

  • Compact technology gives more concentrated fragrance – up to 3,000 sprays per refill
  • 1 refill covers an area 168m³
  • Fully recyclable aluminium refill can
  • Modern, designer fragrances with long lasting strength and intensity

refills to fit this dispenser

Name Decription Size (ml) Case Quantity
Charm 195 ml 12
Chic 195 ml 12
Joy 195 ml 12
Kalm 195 ml 12
Lavanda 195 ml 12
Oudh 195 ml 12
Limón 195 ml 12