Out of the washroom

We provide cleaning and hygiene products for use outside the washroom in areas where hygiene, cleanliness and image are what matters.

Food preparation and areas

where food safety is a priority

Conference Rooms, lobbies and receptions

where first impressions count

Stadiums, transport hubs and large public spaces

where odour and hygiene control is difficult to manage and maintain

Clinics, surgeries, schools and hospitals

where protection against infection control is a matter of public health and safety

Wherever Tubeless products are used, they provide the same great benefits:

Total quality

Products that are simple to use and give great performance

Universal improvement through innovation and technology

Products that meet emerging need such as flexibility, reliability and efficiency. Sometimes small changes make a world of difference.

Best value

Our products give more benefits without compromising quality and performance

Environmental care

Tubeless paper products are produced with less waste during the manufacturing process and there’s no waste at the end of the roll.

Waste savings are converted into more value for our customers by offering more usable product for the same price.

Centrefeed Hand Towels

Tubeless paper hand towel through a Centrefeed dispenser gives 100% usable paper product and 26.9m more paper per case.

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Hand Hygiene

A system to provide hand hygiene without water and prevent the spread of infection

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