Less is more

Tubeless is a modern range of washroom hygiene products that are more efficient, more environmental and more appealing to washroom users.

 Every product has been designed to…

Cut Waste

Convert waste savings to customer value

Offer more product for same price

Control usage to achieve best value for money

We’ve done this by listening to the market and using new technologies to give you


Our Products and washroom solutions are made to satisfy users’ expectations and create the best washroom experience.

Tubeless Paper products that are softer, stronger and more absorbent; cleaning products to keep toilets and urinals clean, descaled and odour-free; soap in hygienic dispensers for healthy hand washing; air freshening products for automatic fragrance and odour control.


Our innovations meet emerging washroom needs and improve on what’s currently available.

Compact paper technology gives more paper per pack, reduces waste, storage space and transport costs. Our hygiene formulations are designed to be environmentally responsible without compromising performance. Our dispensing systems offer a choice of simple manual operation through to smart remote-monitoring technology.


Our washroom solutions give more product benefits without compromising quality and performance.

If you have a specific washroom problem to solve, or you want to an environmental solution, there’s a Tubeless solution for you.


Tubeless products and systems have a reduced environmental impact while giving more hygiene control.

Our paper products are produced from pulp or cellulose that comes from a sustainable, recycled or recovered source and manufactured using the best environmental practices.

By removing the inner tube we reduce our environmental impact because there is NO waste. We can transport more paper in the same space, reducing transport costs and with Tubeless you get more paper and use less storage space.


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Washroom Range

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Washroom Range

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Tubeless products and systems are manufactured by Delt Papir, a forward thinking and progressive ISO9001 innovator and developer.

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