Tubeless Japan opening - Tubeless

Tubeless has a wide open door on the Asian market


The big news we have been preparing for a long time is the entry of the Croatian brand Tubeless, created under the auspices of the DELT Papir company, into the Asian market, or more precisely, the Japanese market.

The opening of the branch in Japan was preceded by many years of market research, in which the owners of DELT Papir, Kruno Kisak and Alen Krajacic, were actively supported by their former partner, the CEO of the branch, Edvard Vondra.

Based on their many years of experience working with major global brands of paper products for public toilets, they decided to start with paper products for retail and then for professional use. The availability of paper hygiene products was modest in Croatia in the early 1990’s, as well as in surrounding countries, which business partners and friends Alen and Kruno saw as an interesting business opportunity. The then distribution company raised the hygiene level by offering paper products for household and HoReCa segment, which was the starting point for creating their own future professional brand with a worldwide network of partners.

The establishment of the Tubeless professional paper products brand, whose tagline is “Tubeless for more in the washroom”, began immediately after the brand’s launch in 2017 across the European Union and soon after in the Middle East. The network of partners has grown steadily after promoting at trade shows. The advanced features of the Tubeless brand have opened the door to an exciting new Asian market and we are proud to present our subsidiary Tubeless Japan, based in the Japanese capital Tokyo. The Japanese team consists of Edvard Vondra – CEO, Takechika “Tom” Tsuruya – COO, Edouard Katayama Tripkovic – CMO, Yuki Tanaka – consultant and Toshimi Yamazaki, Non-Executive Director, with the guidance and support of the team from Zagreb. A clear business concept and professional approach make Tubeless Japan a company that can compete with the world leaders in the production of hygiene products for public toilets and fully meet the high standards of the Japanese market.

Today, just a few years after its creation, the brand is available in 27 countries. Thanks to an innovative approach to the development of its range, it is currently one of the most interesting brands for professional hygiene products. Tubeless offers users exactly what the slogan claims – there is a significantly larger amount of product in each paper roll, as we have done away with the central cardboard tube and obtained a much more compact, fully usable product. The benefits that such a product provides are better environmental status with reduced carbon footprint, more delivered product, less storage space and the absence of unnecessary cardboard waste. To keep Tubeless’ performance at the forefront of its offering, an innovative technology has been developed to manage and control the use of resources and optimize the time spent by cleaners, with the aim of making significant annual savings – Hygiene Eye.

The enthusiastic approach, together with the greatest benefits offered by the Tubeless products, is the tailwind for future partnerships with many Japanese companies and frequently visited public spaces. With special attention to detail and manufacturing excellence, Tubeless is sure to provide the highest level of quality to future customers in Japan and beyond.